[Exherbo-dev] Option default to on

Michael Croes mycroes at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 15:59:34 GMT 2009

I guess you want to avoid what gentoo has these days with sdl: it has an 
option video, audio and joystick, and if any of them is not enabled then 
it'll start warning you that you're not supposed to turn these options 
off. Obviously, the right approach here would be to default them to on 
and there's one simple solution: prepend a "no" to the options, so it 
becomes novideo, noaudio, nojoystick (for sdl). You can do the same 
thing, just prepend "no" and the default off means that it's actually on ;-)


Gaute Hope schreef:
> Greetings,
> I have been following the development of Exherbo for a while and
> written a few packages, my name is Gaute Hope and I am norwegian. That
> should be the necessarry facts.
> You probably noticed that I was asking the same thing on #exherbo
> yesterday, but I still haven't gotten it all clear; the problem is: I
> write a few packages and in addition to generic options like X, sdl or
> so on; I also want to include a few more obscure ones. According to
> Exheres for smarties I shouldn't really do this, and leave them to
> their defaults. What I want to do is to add these options, but let
> them be on by default, if '-flag' doesn't exist in options.conf. That
> way the user wouldn't have to manually turn on features that 90% of
> the users would want anyway. And the user who doesn't want it, doesn't
> have to create a new exheres.
> ciarnm spoke of existing mechanisms for this, but I cannot find them -
> if they do.. consider this void and a pointer in the right direction
> would be appreciated.
> - gaute

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