[Exherbo-dev] Google Summer of Code

Bernd Steinhauser exherbo at bernd-steinhauser.de
Sun Mar 1 22:50:21 GMT 2009

Arne Janbu wrote:
> What about genesis for a GSOC project?
> I think it is the most important thing that is missing in Exherbo at the 
> moment. I just don't know if it is too big for a GSOC project, and if Brian 
> would like to do it on his own rather than having students doing it. :)

Look at the last part:
 > - Do we have any good project ideas? My only idea at this time is a
 > REMOTE_IDS client to check for new versions available upstream.
 > Project ideas need to be sufficiently big for a ~3 month student
 > project but not be so technical in nature that it's impossible to
 > complete.

It might not be impossible, but I guess it'd be hard.

The interesting thing about that would be, that the idea of Genesis 
could get a bigger audience (I think it could be a very interesting 
project for a lot of people that don't really have anything to do with 
Exherbo), but I'm not sure if Bryan would like that right now. ;)


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