[Exherbo-dev] jobs: build option?

Ciaran McCreesh ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 1 19:52:42 GMT 2009

MAKEOPTS -jblah is icky and doesn't port to other build systems, and I
hate those "convert MAKEOPTS to OTHER" hacks Gentoo uses.

Do we want to hack this into options / build_options somehow? We could
have something like:

    jobs: 4

Or if we have non-boolean flags, something like:

    build_options: jobs=4

Then we'd export this via a special EXJOBS variable.

Packages would probably also want:


or something, so we don't show jobs: for packages where it does nothing
and where we can't already know that it does nothing.


Ciaran McCreesh
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