[Exherbo-dev] Google Summer of Code

Bryan Østergaard bryan.ostergaard at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 15:12:56 GMT 2009

Hi all.

There's been some talk lately about whether we should apply as an
organisation for Google's summer of code. I think it could be fairly
interesting for both Exherbo and the student(s) to participate but we
need to decide a few things before applying.

Here's some quick questions that I'd like to get an answer to:
- Do we want to participate in GSOC? Keep in mind that it's not all
fun and glamour but that it also involves quite a bit of
administration and mentoring.
- What do we hope to gain from participating? My personal hope would
be to improve Exherbo in some important way and at the same time make
sure that work can be shared between "official" Exherbo and the
community surrounding us.
- Do we have any good project ideas? My only idea at this time is a
REMOTE_IDS client to check for new versions available upstream.
Project ideas need to be sufficiently big for a ~3 month student
project but not be so technical in nature that it's impossible to
- Do we have any developers willing to spend time on mentoring? My
guess is that we certainly do.

Are there any other questions or ideas that we need to discuss?

Mentoring organisations should apply between 9th and 13th March so we
have less than two weeks to come up with project ideas and write a
good application. Student applications should be submitted between
23rd March and 3rd April so students should start thinking about
interesting projects as well.

Bryan Østergaard

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