[Exherbo-dev] Test sydbox!

Ali Polatel polatel at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 23:51:53 BST 2009

Just a notification for everyone that paludis-sydbox branch has been
merged¹ today. This makes it very easy to test sydbox.

To test:
1. Grab sys-apps/sydbox from ::alip-misc
   Note: if you want the unit tests to be run invoke paludis like:
   PALUDIS_DO_NOTHING_SANDBOXY=1 paludis -i sydbox
2. To switch to sydbox do:
   $ sudo sed -i -e 's/sandbox/sydbox/g' /usr/share/paludis/eapis/exheres-0.conf
3. Just revert the above to switch back anytime you want with:
   $ sudo sed -i -e 's/sydbox/sandbox/g' /usr/share/paludis/eapis/exheres-0.conf

If you have a problem with sydbox please poke us at #sydbox or file an
issue here².

Thanks in advance!

¹: http://trac.pioto.org/paludis/changeset/273d1e571ac3dae1c60dfdd0803f281c2482abb5
²: http://github.com/alip/sydbox/issues

Ali Polatel

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