[Exherbo-dev] Masks

Bernd Steinhauser exherbo at bernd-steinhauser.de
Tue Jun 23 20:26:29 BST 2009

Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
> How's about a new repo / profile masks format?
>     masks/
>         (arbitrary directories, nested)/
>             some-name.conf
> The arbitrary directories would probably just be 2009-06/, or possibly
> security/2009-06/, broken/2009-06/ scm/2009-06/ etc -- the package
> mangler won't care.
> some-name.conf will look like:
>     type = broken
>     author = Your Name <you at example.com>
>     summary = Das ist kaput!
>     description = Mostly won't build yet. Various options don't work \
>         at all.
>     cat-foo/bar[>=1.23]
>     cat-foo/baz[>=1.23]
> Values for type are scm, broken, testing, security.

What came to my mind (and I don't really know if it is a good or a bad 
What if we tried to do an even more generalized approach?
Another thing we want to replace is the RESTRICT stuff, the replacement 
suggested is something called attributes.
Now we could define those a bit wider and make masks attributes, too.

So for example an scm exheres could automatically gain the scm 
attribute, which also means that it is automatically "scm-masked".
This kind of mask doesn't need a message anyway, since the message would 
be "live version, use at your own risk" anyway (or something like that).

Then the set of metadata related to and needet for some attribute could 
be defined per attribute, for example scm doesn't need any more 
information, other attributes do.

In addition to the mask stuff, I think this would make it possible to 
replace the keywords/platforms stuff, too.
(Not the suboption, the PLATFORMS variable.)

So an exheres could have the "stable: amd64 x86" attribute instead of 
PLATFORMS="amd64 x86" (or similar).

It could also be possible to differ between global attributes and local 
attributes. Some attributes maybe would make sense both as a global and 
local setting, while others would be restricted to either global or local.

Just something that came to my mind, thoughts?


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