[Exherbo-dev] can't install paludis after unpack currentr exherbo-x86 and chroot into it

Bernd Steinhauser exherbo at bernd-steinhauser.de
Mon Jun 22 10:48:12 BST 2009

Quoting Lepaca Kliffoth <lepaca at animebox.eu>:

> If I'm right and "-xvf" doesn't preserve permissions, you won't be able to
> upgrade or reinstall anything at all. I'm not _absolutely_ _sure_ this is
> the reason of the particular failure you're reporting, but I think you
> should definitely try again after unpacking the tarball with "-xpvf"...
> --preserve-permissions
> --same-permissions
> -p
> When `tar' is extracting an archive, it normally subtracts the
> users' umask from the permissions specified in the archive and
> uses that number as the permissions to create the destination
> file.  Specifying this option instructs `tar' that it should use
> the permissions directly from the archive.  *Note Writing::.
Look at the manual:

     Create extracted files with the same ownership they have in the archive.

     This is the default behavior for the superuser, so this option is  
meaningful only for non-root users, when tar is executed on those  
systems able to give files away.[...]

     Extract all protection information.

     This option causes tar to set the modes (access permissions) of  
extracted files exactly as recorded in the archive. If this option is  
not used, the current umask setting limits the permissions on  
extracted files. This option is by default enabled when tar is  
executed by a superuser.[...]

So unless you extract the tarball as a normal user, it will preserve  
the permissions.


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