[Exherbo-dev] Upcoming X.org changes

Anders Ossowicki arkanoid at exherbo.org
Wed Jun 17 20:05:57 BST 2009

Excerpts from Gaute Hope's message of Wed Jun 17 20:38:58 +0200 2009:
> But will they support newer versions of Xorg/kernel ? At least they
> don't do that yet.
If they don't, the drivers will drop out of other major linux
distributions and I really doubt that is going to happen. It might take
a while (if I recall correctly, the binary nvidia drivers were broken
with current X.org for something like 8 months at one point) but it's
probably a good bet that newer releases (two or three times a year) will
support current or near-current kernels.

> I do use them, and they work well for 2D and regular stuff - but I
> haven't got the patience for the ati mess anymore. But I think a version
> that works should be in the repos, it still applies for a large amount
> of (potential?) users.
Current maintenance and QA is way more important than prospective users.
If noone will use our X.org 1.5 exheres in a few months, keeping them
around in x11.git just means more maintenance work. If only a few people
still need 1.5, keeping it in a local repository (or even just their own
branch of x11.git) seems the best way to go.

... unless Ingmar really really wants to keep working on it, of course ;)
Anders Ossowicki

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