[Exherbo-dev] Upcoming X.org changes

Ingmar Vanhassel ingmar at exherbo.org
Tue Jun 16 02:22:06 BST 2009

Hello list,

With the upcoming mesa-7.5 release, I'd like to replace the
eclectic-opengl module (inherited from Gentoo) with an alternatives
based solution. So far, I've ripped out the eclectic module, a
preliminary patch is available at
(This patch also includes mesa-7.5-rc3 with gallium bits).

I still have to work out the "use alternatives" part for libGL.so &
friends. For this it would help if someone who's importared the
ATI & nvidia blobs could mail me a contents listing of those packages.
Thanks in advance.

Besides that, I've been meaning to clean up old versions of X11.
If any newer versions of packages, drivers in particular, have serious
regressions in newer versions, and there's a good reason to keep older
versions, now's your time to yell before they're gone. We'll be happy to
backport fixes from upstream.

Exherbo KDE, X.org maintainer

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