[Exherbo-dev] Masks

Bernd Steinhauser exherbo at bernd-steinhauser.de
Mon Jun 15 20:41:38 BST 2009

Bryan Østergaard wrote:
> Personally I'd hate assigned-to.This is completely unrelated to masks
> as such but I want to avoid any kind of ownership when possible.
> Ownership pretty much screams "that guy is responsible so I shouldn't
> / don't have to fix it" and I'd much rather just see everything as one
> big pool of things to do with anybody being able to fix anything
> (doesn't matter if it's an official Exherbo dev or somebody we've
> never heard of before really).
Hm, maybe I have been misunderstood here.
I didn't see the assigned-to in a way that when somebody masks a package 
(maybe for security issues) he sets someone else to be responsible for it.

I rather meant it as a statement that when someone tries to solve the 
issue, sets that as a note, so people know who they should contact in 
case they have to add something.

For unwritten, we do that by modifying the comments.
Obviously, that could be another way, maybe a better way, I'm not sure 
about it.

Anyway, I didn't mean the assign-to to be something that introduces some 
kind of »mask-wrangling«.

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