[Exherbo-dev] Boolean exparams

David Leverton dleverton at exherbo.org
Sun Jul 19 18:23:39 BST 2009

If you're getting errors like

    !!! ERROR in app-admin/eclectic-scm:
    !!! In exparam_internal at line 62
    !!! exparam requires exactly one argument

then you need to update paludis.  (Checkout an older revision of arbor if the 
error prevents you from doing so.)

Background: the myexparam and exparam exheres functions now support a -b 
switch to indicate that the parameter is boolean-valued - myexparam -b means 
that the value must be either "true" or "false", and exparam -b on a 
parameter declared with myexparam -b means that the value is returned through 
the exit status, not stdout.  exlib authors are highly encouraged to use 
these when appropriate.

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