[Exherbo-dev] Exherbo is going to FOSDEM and interview

Bryan Østergaard bryan.ostergaard at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 13:52:23 GMT 2009

As recently stated on blog (at http://kloeri.livejournal.com or
http://planet.exherbo.org) I'm going to do a talk about Exherbo at one
of the FOSDEM main tracks. I'll be "sharing" the Distributions track
with two big players, namely openSuse and The Fedora Project, which
should be interesting in itself. There's a brief description of the
talk at http://fosdem.org/2009/schedule/events/644.

As part of the FOSDEM preparations they also organise interviews with
the main track speakers each year and my interview was just
publicised. There's some good questions and (I hope) some interesting
answers as well. The interview can be found at

Hope to see you at FOSDEM - several Exherbo developers will be there
so there should be plenty of opportunity to buy us some beers :)

Bryan Østergaard

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