[Exherbo-dev] Accounts are go

Ciaran McCreesh ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 26 19:46:54 GMT 2009

Here's the upgrade path:

* Upgrade Paludis before you sync, so you don't have to ignore
  dependencies to get Paludis upgraded.

* Set up these:

        format = accounts

        format = installed-accounts
        handler = passwd

Paludis won't try to manage any user or group that's already on your
system, so things like paludisbuild won't get managed. You can
userdel / groupdel the existing IDs if you like, although Paludis won't
necessarily reuse the same ID numbers.

For packages, enewuser / enewgroup still work, but we want to phase
them out. So do this:

* Create metadata/accounts/users/foo.conf (everything except gecos is

    gecos = blah
    preferred_uid = 123
    shell = /bin/bash
    home = /foo
    extra_groups = bar baz
    primary_group = fnord
* Create metadata/accounts/groups/fnord.conf for every group you use,
  including groups that are used by users you create (everything is

    preferred_gid = 234

* Update your DEPENDENCIES (you don't need to depend upon groups if
  they're just there because they're used as a default or extra group
  for a user you need, but do depend upon groups you explicitly care

            user/foo group/fnord

Ciaran McCreesh
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