[Exherbo-dev] Improving env.d?

Bernd Steinhauser exherbo at bernd-steinhauser.de
Mon Jan 5 09:30:04 GMT 2009

I have been quite a few times in this situation:
I need to test something and need to place a file containing some LDPATH 
in env.d. It works and I forget that •I• placed it there.
For that reason from time to time I need to go through the files in 
env.d, check which I created myself, which were created by eclectic and 
which were added by a package etc.

To make that easier I started to suffix them to indicate that they 
haven't been added by the package manager, but that got me thinking that 
maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to improve the whole thing a bit.

For example one could have three (or more) dirs in env.d:

Paludis only writes to the first dir and uninstalls files in that dir 
automatically if the package gets uninstalled.

In the second dir, eclectic adds files which it adds when doing 
`eclectic module set 1` or similar.
eclectic could also have `eclectic env cleanup` which checks if modules 
that don't exist anymore (because they have been uninstalled) have left 
files in env.d, though that might be not be the behaviour some people want.
(For example, the opengl profiles, once set, should basically work with 
eclectic-opengl being installed, at least that is what one would expect 
atm, but we could change that.)

The last dir is where the user placed his files.
eclectic env update then goes through all of these dirs, instead of just 


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