[Exherbo-dev] I want to help in translation

Jean Paul Tolhuijsen Salas jpts at surnet.cl
Sun Jan 4 22:26:30 GMT 2009

Thank you for responding so quickly Wulf.
As you say, I remain alert to the mailing list.
I really love to help. Here in Chile, Linux is having a big boom in the 
areas of education and other fields, such as academics.
I download the sources exherbo and soon begin playing with your code.
If you send me manuals and the like I could move forward in the not too 
distant future. Please note that it is important to have a site in Spanish.

Again thank you for responding and Greetings to all.

Jean Paul Tolhuijsen Salas
Tecnico de Nivel Superior en Informatica y Redes
CFT Universidad Austral de Chile


Wulf C. Krueger wrote:
> Hello Jean Paul!
> On Sunday, 04. January 2009 20:06:59 Jean Paul Tolhuijsen Salas wrote:
>> Hello everyone. First of all I would say that this project seems quite
>> interesting. 
> Thanks, that's nice to hear!
>> I would like to participate in the translation of documentation for the
>> project spread.
> Thank you! We really appreciate your offer, Jean Paul. I'm afraid, though, that 
> we don't have any real documentation to translate yet. What we have is our 
> exheres-for-smarties but that's still in a constant flux and that's unlikely to 
> change soon. Once we have a stable exheres format, that might change.
> We'll probably implement some kind of developer's manual / development guide 
> then and *that* would be the real doc to translate at some point.
> Thus, I'd like to invite you to keep an eye on our website and this list for 
> now but for now, there isn't really anything worth or ready for translation.
> Thanks again for your kind words about Exherbo as well as your offer which 
> we'll likely take up later on - Spanish is a pretty important language and we 
> can certainly use a translator for that at a later time.
> Best regards, Wulf C. Krueger
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