[Exherbo-dev] I want to help in translation

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Sun Jan 4 20:19:26 GMT 2009

Hello Jean Paul!

On Sunday, 04. January 2009 20:06:59 Jean Paul Tolhuijsen Salas wrote:
> Hello everyone. First of all I would say that this project seems quite
> interesting. 

Thanks, that's nice to hear!

> I would like to participate in the translation of documentation for the
> project spread.

Thank you! We really appreciate your offer, Jean Paul. I'm afraid, though, that 
we don't have any real documentation to translate yet. What we have is our 
exheres-for-smarties but that's still in a constant flux and that's unlikely to 
change soon. Once we have a stable exheres format, that might change.

We'll probably implement some kind of developer's manual / development guide 
then and *that* would be the real doc to translate at some point.

Thus, I'd like to invite you to keep an eye on our website and this list for 
now but for now, there isn't really anything worth or ready for translation.

Thanks again for your kind words about Exherbo as well as your offer which 
we'll likely take up later on - Spanish is a pretty important language and we 
can certainly use a translator for that at a later time.

Best regards, Wulf C. Krueger

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