[Exherbo-dev] Replacing categories...

Michael Raitza michael.raitza at inf.tu-dresden.de
Tue Feb 17 08:19:45 GMT 2009

Hi everyone,

just to spend my two cts.. I don't like the idea of accepting the
restrictions of an on-disc naming scheme as restrictions for a package
tree. I really think it's not, well, state of the art?! I know the
reasons for doing so, because of easy configuration, manual search,
understanding of the "user" and so on. But I find the restrictions to
hard. Wouldn't it be better to just give packages a unique id? One could
then arrange the packages as one wishes, by category, size, liking what
ever... The disadvantage would be one had to use a search function to
find a package. (But why is that a disadvantage?) Why is it a problem to
say: Well, we have more than 10000(?) packages in several versions and
don't think you have to find your way by hand.

We shouldn't be that, say, technology agnostic not to use a search
engine for coping with the package tree.

To make it short:

+ unique naming opens a new dimension of package management

- you need (special) software to handle the tree

Obfuscating the tree with randomly chosen letters would have the same
effect, though.

Michael Raitza

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