[Exherbo-dev] addfilter & rmfilter

Ali Polatel polatel at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 15:07:55 BST 2009

After discussing in #paludis yesterday, we have decided that hooks
aren't a good idea because they involve dealing with temporary files.
Instead I added a less flexible but more secure mechanism to deal with
spurious access violations.

The sydbox command addfilter accepts a fnmatch pattern and filters
access violations based on this pattern. The filter can be removed with

If your package doesn't work with addfilter and still needs
addpredict, which I doubt, it has to be fixed not to fail.

I'm submitting patches to replace addpredict calls with addfilter and
then I'll remove addpredict altogether.

Note: Right now access violations are merely warnings that are printed
on stderr but soon we'll make them fatal so these commands will become
more important.

Ali Polatel
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