[Exherbo-dev] Test cave resolve

Ciaran McCreesh ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 14 20:43:40 BST 2009

It's time to test 'cave resolve'! Update Paludis, and then try the

* cave resolve world
* cave resolve world -c
* cave resolve world -z
* cave resolve world -e

along with anything else you can think of.

Note the following:

* --execute isn't implemented. You can't make 'cave resolve' do
  anything just yet.

* if-same currently just does the same as if-same-version, rather than
  checking option flags too.

* Exherbo only. There's no old style virtuals support, so don't bother
  trying it on Gentoo.

* There's no chroot / binaries / destinations support either.

* There is no UI for error handling. If a required dep is masked, you'll
  get a highly unhelpful InternalError.

* You will get lots of warnings about cycle breaking with -e. This is
  to be expected. We don't currently bother finding the best way of
  breaking a cycle, because I can't remember how you take the minimum
  number of items from a collection of sets such that you have at least
  one item from each set.

* Probably lots of other UI nastiness. You're not testing the UI.
  You're testing the sanity of the basic resolver algorithm before we
  go and hook all the candy and clever configuration options onto it.

* I ran out of pens.

If something weird happens, try --explain or --dump. If you think
you've found a problem, read the --dump to make sure you're not missing

Ciaran McCreesh
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