[Exherbo-dev] Shiny new-style alternatives

David Leverton dleverton at exherbo.org
Fri Apr 3 18:29:22 BST 2009

I just changed how alternatives works.  The upgrade path for users is:

1) sync
2) for each subdirectory of /etc/env.d/alternatives, run "eclectic 
3) run "rm -r /etc/env.d/alternatives/*"
4) update app-admin/eclectic
5) run "cave print-owners /etc/env.d/alternatives", and reinstall all the 
packages and slots it lists
4½) manually create any symlinks needed for step 5 to work - this'll probably 
include at least $CHOST-gcc, and ghc+haddock+hsc2hs if you use it

For exheres authors that use alternatives (although I've fixed everything in 
the official repositories):

1) unique names are gone, you just need a source and target for each symlink
2) importance can now be a dot-separated sequence of integers, such as 1.2.3

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