[Exherbo-dev] cave and the new resolver

Ciaran McCreesh ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 21 18:28:44 BST 2008

So I don't have to keep repeating it on IRC... The plan is something
like this:

* We make a new Paludis client called 'cave'. It works like git, so you
have commands like 'cave install', 'cave sync' and 'cave show' (show
is nicer than query), with man pages like 'cave-install'. This will get
rid of a lot of the issues like "why doesn't --show-use-descriptions do
anything with --query?".

* We hook 'cave install' up to the new resolver (the one that doesn't
do blockers, has very few options and that probably doesn't work).

* For Gentoo, we keep on telling people to use 'paludis', and keep
'paludis --install' hooked up to the old resolver for now. 'cave' will
be available only to people who know how to turn it on.

* For Exherbo, we provide 'cave' and disable 'paludis' entirely.

* Once the new resolver is fully featured and well tested, we have a
few options for Gentoo. We could make 'paludis --install' use the new
resolver. We could start pushing Gentoo users over to 'cave' and
deprecate the 'paludis' client. Or we could make a client that's much
closer to 'emerge', whilst offering 'cave' as the option for non
casual users.

Ciaran McCreesh
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