[Exherbo-dev] PowerPC64 profile problems

Markus Rothe markus at unixforces.net
Sun Sep 14 15:37:53 BST 2008

David Leverton wrote:
> On Sunday 14 September 2008 13:30:55 Markus Rothe wrote:
> > Now, paludis does not include "--libdir=/usr/lib64" unless I specify
> > ABI=ppc64 in the profile (as does the amd64 2007.0 profile). Most programs
> > compile and install to the correct libdir with ABI=ppc64 set;
> > dev-libs/gmp-4.2.2 fails.. The error is:
> >
> >   checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles...
> > no configure: error: ABI=ppc64 is not among the following valid choices:
> > mode64 mode32 32
> gmp uses the ABI variable for its own purposes.  We hack around it in the 
> exheres, so you can just extend the hack to cover ppc64 (for now, until spb 
> deslacks on proper multilib handling).

Thanks. This seems to work.


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