[Exherbo-dev] The new MYOPTIONS

David Leverton levertond at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 23 08:53:20 BST 2008

2008/10/23 Ciaran McCreesh <ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com>:
> Annotations-wise, we're looking at implementing option restrictions
> ('foo needs bar', 'foo and bar are mutually exclusive' etc) as
> annotations. At what point do we want to signal an error if these
> restrictions aren't met? The pretend phase?

Isn't annotation support supposed to be optional for the package manager?

> Do we also want descriptions to go in annotations?


> If yes, just local descriptions? Will we still have global descriptions?

I'd say that in many (most? (all?)) cases, even a "global" option can
benefit from a description of what exactly it does for a specific
package.  If you mean still having global descriptions as a guide to
help people decide which options they might want to enable for */*,
that might be nice.

In any case, we can probably do some exlib magic to share "local"
descriptions between packages, if there's a need.

> Choices lets us do some fairly devious trickery with options. One idea
> that comes to mind is 'rare' options. An option marked as 'rare'
> could be treated as hidden except if the user has explicitly set it.
> This means it won't clutter up --pretend --install output, whilst
> giving us a mechanism of providing options that aren't useful to most
> people. Is this something we might want?

I don't really see much need for this.  The option would still exist,
it would still have to be handled by the package, dependent packages
would still need to consider whether or not they want to require a
particular setting... clutter in the output seems like the least of
the problems with less-used options.

> Exheres-0 doesn't have IUSE defaults. We could stick those in via
> annotations if there's demand.

If we're going to support profiley things in supplemental repositories
(and we more or less have to, given how much we're relying on them),
there's no great need for that, although I wouldn't complain if other
people wanted it.

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