[Exherbo-dev] hereenvd and friends, functions that take heredocs as input

Daniel Mierswa impulze at impulze.org
Thu Oct 23 01:48:40 BST 2008

On 11.10.2008 19:34, zlin at exherbo.org:
> Similarly the following list of functions could be added:
> herebin, hereconfd, heredoc, hereenvd, hereexe, hereinfo, hereinitd, hereman, 
> heremo and heresbin.
+ 1 for hereinitd, although it might be more useful to provide a creator 
function like it's done with pam and alikes since most initd files come 
with similarities like start-stop-daemon, ebegin "(name of init.d file) 
starting..." etc. which would result in lots of code duplication if 
you're directly writing files. although i don't know yet how genesis 
will work, so this might very well be a non-issue.

Mierswa, Daniel

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