[Exherbo-dev] Exherbo goals: October edition

Bryan Østergaard bryan.ostergaard at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 11:26:58 BST 2008

Hi all.

Here's a quick update on the big list I posted about 2 months ago.

* Multilib/arch/ABI/..
 - spb has done some work on this months ago in the form of mockup exheres and
some documentation. spb has recently started working on this again.

* exheres-1
 - I still don't see any reason to stable the exheres format yet. Life with
exheres-0 have been fairly easy the last few months which removes the primary
reasons for stabling exheres imo.

* Genesis
 - Some work has been done but nothing public yet.  - The video of my
presentation on Genesis is available at
- I also mentioned Genesis briefly at my Open Source Days talk. I'll mail
exherbo-dev as soon as the video is available.

* Categories/tags
 - I don't remember any discussion about this since my last mail about goals.

* Alternatives implementation
 - Alternatives works and is used by several packages already. A good example
is gcc.

* Better -scm handling (-scm at ID stuff)
 - Not done afaik.

* Better autotools handling
 - Some bugs have been fixed but we haven't really decided if we're handling
autotools the best way at all (we're pretty much just mirroring Gentoo's
handling atm).

* Parts
 - Basic idea described at
but needs to be defined properly.
 - Some people (I'm thinking the KDE people at least) seems to be quite
interested in parts. I believe we still need some mockup exheres using parts
before we can move on with this idea.

* Native support for CPAN, Gems and other similar package repositories
 - No work's been done since my last mail afaik but it's fine as a long(er)
term goal imo.

* Do we still miss any packages for our servers?
 - Most of the packages should be done at least.

* Creandus
 - Just needs some tests afaik.

 - We've been using this for a while now along with UPSTREAM_RELEASE_NOTES,
BUGS_TO and a bunch of other metadata variables.

* Central list of wanted packages
 - Ciaran implemented unwritten (see
http://ciaranm.wordpress.com/2008/10/06/dealing-with-unwritten-packages/). This
is much better for tracking missing packages than Bugzilla.

* Decent way to build install CDs
 - We want something much simpler than other distributions but a scripted way
to quickly create install CDs would be nice

* Binary packages
 - PBINs works but haven't seen much use yet.

* Reference packages
 - Somewhat related to install CDs and binary packages this would be used
during installation

* Working annotations
 - Annotations is parsed and at least some annotations are shown in paludis -q
output. See paludis -q git for example. Not sure what's missing (if anything).

* New website?
 - Some work has been done related to this but much is still needed.
 - I need to find out the current status.

* Distfiles mirror
 - Kim is working on a (temporary) mirror for now.

* Need to decide on a documentation format
 - Markdown seems to solve most of our documentation needs but there's other
alternatives as well.
 - We should probably decide on this soon'ish if possible.

* Better way to document options

* Better descriptions in general
 - Not sure how to solve this but longterm we might want a QA'ish project for
documentation that can kick developers when they describe options as "Add perl"
and similar nonsense.

* Sane way to build external kernel modules
 - We don't really want distribution provided kernel sources but we still need
some support for building external kernel modules.

* BUGS_TO support
 - Implemented a while ago.

* pkg_die
 - Would allow package specific "debug" information information when packages
 - A good example is showing which opengl provider is currently selected when a
package building against opengl dies.
 - This is still in the pipeline afaik.

* New profiles structure / format
 - The current profiles are more or less direct copies of Gentoo profiles and
doesn't suit our ideas very well.
 - One idea is mixins but we need to discuss profiles in more details before
making any big changes.
 - Versioned profiles might be nice as well.

Bryan Østergaard

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