[Exherbo-dev] Is Exherbo for me?

Bryan Østergaard bryan.ostergaard at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 16:43:16 GMT 2008

> Basically what I think Brian was trying to say is that his people skills are
> probably not ideal.  Being a big fan of what they are trying to build, my
> personal advice is to remember that programming is as much an art as much as
> it is technical.  Meaning, right now these guys are building the ground work
> of something many of us feel has allot of potential, and if we try to "help"
> we would only be hurting what they are trying to create.
There's nothing wrong with my peoples skill. The problem is people
reading our webpage, realising that it states very clearly that
Exherbo is *not* ready for users yet (or developers for that matter)
and then deciding they know better than the people actually running
the project.

Why do you think honesty equals a lack of people skills? I'm going to
counter your theory with my own about your problem coming down to
thinking you know better than everybody else and a general mistrust
apparently leading you to believe we're lying on our website.

Now, for all those people that's actually willing to listen to us and
not decide that we're somehow lying and trying to keep cool stuff away
from them I've just talked to our PR department and they reaffirmed
that they're going to update the website as soon as Exherbo is ready
to be used outside the developer group.

> In short, my advice would be to do what a number of us are doing.  Sit in
> the background, watch the chatter, and keeping up with their progress from
> time to time.  When/If they are ever ready for more people to help with the
> "heavy lifting" side of things, they will let us know.  Until them, let
> these very intelligent guys do what they are very good at doing...
The best way to follow things is by reading the -dev mailinglist and
(especially for less technically minded people) following

Bryan Østergaard

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