[Exherbo-dev] Is Exherbo for me?

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Sat Nov 1 16:39:08 GMT 2008

> right now these guys are building the ground work of something many of us feel has
> allot of potential, and if we try to "help" we would only be hurting what they are
> trying to create.
i know these problems, IRC channels sometimes are to inviting to people without any ehh..
low-level technical abilities :)

> Sit in the background, [...] let these very intelligent guys do what they are very good
> at doing...
exactly what i'll be doing ;)
thumbs up anyways for the effort of taking gent0Oos initial idea and developing it
further. It seems very necessary, currently progress is stalled and many broken things
just stay in-place for ever..
regards & hail eris, marcel.

 "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take
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