[Exherbo-dev] Is Exherbo for me?

Thomas Gatliff tgatliff at gatliff.com
Sat Nov 1 16:25:01 GMT 2008

>> - Our only user support consists of laughing at users and possibly
> XD
>> banning them if they're too annoying.
> :===|

Basically what I think Brian was trying to say is that his people  
skills are probably not ideal.  Being a big fan of what they are  
trying to build, my personal advice is to remember that programming is  
as much an art as much as it is technical.  Meaning, right now these  
guys are building the ground work of something many of us feel has  
allot of potential, and if we try to "help" we would only be hurting  
what they are trying to create.

In short, my advice would be to do what a number of us are doing.  Sit  
in the background, watch the chatter, and keeping up with their  
progress from time to time.  When/If they are ever ready for more  
people to help with the "heavy lifting" side of things, they will let  
us know.  Until them, let these very intelligent guys do what they are  
very good at doing...

On Nov 1, 2008, at 11:50 AM, Marcel Partap wrote:

>> No, Exherbo is not for you.
> Thanks so much for the clear answer Mr Østergaard!
>> - We don't have all the packages you want (I believe we're still way
>> below 1000 packages all together).
> uuh ;)
>> - We're most certainly not compatible with Gentoo packages and it's
>> easier to write packages from scratch than trying to migrate Gentoo
>> packages most of the time.
>> - Our initsystem is completely missing.
> 8O
>> - Our only user support consists of laughing at users and possibly
> XD
>> banning them if they're too annoying.
> :===|
>> And finally..
>> - You're really going to regret it if you try to migrate binary
>> packages from Gentoo to Exherbo as we handle most things  
>> differently -
>> especially toolchain is handled quite differently.
> well i'd take the sour grapes of rebuilding everything if that is  
> what it takes but...
>> So please take the advice from our homepage and wait until we decide
>> that Exherbo is ready for users.
> K i will but please put a notice on the page once its ready for  
> developers, too ;)
> regards marcel.
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