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Bo Ørsted Andresen zlin at exherbo.org
Thu Jun 26 14:49:37 BST 2008

Attached is cmake.exlib which we intend to put in arbor/exlibs/ for cmake 
based packages.

Unlike cmake-utils.eclass its cmake_enable handles the common case, where the 
option flag is all lower case but the cmake switch is either all upper case 
or first letter upper case. This is done by converting all letters to lower 
case for the option flag when cmake_enable is provided only one argument, and 
using the argument as is for the cmake switch. If the option flag does have 
upper case letters this means you have to supply at least two arguments for 
cmake_enable (even if they are identical).

Other than that it features ecmake() which is similar to econf(), and its 
cmake_src_configure() is similar to default_src_configure() with 

Bo Andresen
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# Copyright 2008 Bo Ørsted Andresen <zlin at exherbo.org>
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# Based in part upon 'cmake-utils.eclass' from Gentoo, which is:
#     Copyright 1999-2007 Gentoo Foundation

# The cmake exlib contains functions that make creating ebuilds for
# cmake-based packages easy.
# Its main features are support of out-of-source builds as well as in-source
# builds and an implementation of the well-known option_enable and option_with
# functions for CMake.

require multilib toolchain-funcs


export_exlib_phases src_configure src_compile src_test src_install


# Similar to option_enable for cmake. A few examples:
#   `cmake_enable Foo`     -> foo ? -DENABLE_Foo=ON : -DENABLE_Foo=OFF
#   `cmake_enable FOO`     -> foo ? -DENABLE_FOO=ON : -DENABLE_FOO=OFF
#   `cmake_enable foo Bar` -> foo ? -DENABLE_Bar=ON : -DENABLE_Bar=OFF
#   `cmake_enable Foo Foo` -> Foo ? -DENABLE_Foo=ON : -DENABLE_Foo=OFF
cmake_enable() {
    _cmake_option ENABLE "$@"

# Similar to cmake_enable but using HAVE instead of ENABLE.
cmake_have() {
    _cmake_option HAVE "$@"

# Similar to cmake_enable but using WANT instead of ENABLE.
cmake_want() {
    _cmake_option WANT "$@"

# Similar to cmake_enable but using WITH instead of ENABLE.
cmake_with() {
    _cmake_option WITH "$@"

# Calls cmake with default arguments. If CMAKE_NO_COLOR is set it disables
# colours. If debug is in MYOPTIONS and enabled it sets build type to Debug
# rather than Release. It also respects the following variables similarly to
# default_src_configure and econf:
# All arguments passed to ecmake are passed on to cmake right before $EXTRA_ECONF.
ecmake() {
    case "${ECMAKE_BUILD_TYPE-out-of-source}" in
            mkdir -p "${ECMAKE_BUILD_DIR}" || \
                die_unless_nonfatal "Failed to create ${PN}_build" || return 1
            pushd "${ECMAKE_BUILD_DIR}" || \
                die_unless_nonfatal "Could not enter ${PN}_build" || return 1
            die_unless_nonfatal "Invalid value for ECMAKE_BUILD_TYPE, ${ECMAKE_BUILD_TYPE}." || return 1

    local cmakeargs tmp_libdir=$(get_libdir)

        -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=$(type -P $(tc-getCC))
        -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=$(type -P $(tc-getCXX))
    if has debug ${MYOPTIONS} && option debug; then
        cmakeargs+=" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug"
        cmakeargs+=" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release"

    echo cmake ${cmakeargs} "$@" ${EXTRA_ECONF} "${S}"
    cmake ${cmakeargs} "$@" ${EXTRA_ECONF} "${S}" || die_unless_nonfatal "Cmake failed" || return 1

    if [[ -d ${ECMAKE_BUILD_DIR} ]]; then

# Function for configuring a package. Set ECMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=in-source to make this
# exlib perform the build in the sources. Otherwise it defaults to
# out-of-source.
cmake_src_configure() {
    ecmake \
        $(for s in ${CMAKE_SRC_CONFIGURE_OPTION_ENABLES[@]} ; do
            cmake_enable "${s}"
        done ) \
        $(for s in ${CMAKE_SRC_CONFIGURE_OPTION_HAVES[@]} ; do
            cmake_have "${s}"
        done ) \
        $(for s in ${CMAKE_SRC_CONFIGURE_OPTION_WANTS[@]} ; do
            cmake_want "${s}"
        done ) \
        $(for s in ${CMAKE_SRC_CONFIGURE_OPTION_WITHS[@]} ; do
            cmake_with "${s}"
        done )

# Function for building the package. Automatically detects the correct build
# dir.  All arguments including CMAKE_SRC_COMPILE_PARAMS are passed to emake.
# Set CMAKE_VERBOSE to make cmake more verbose.
cmake_src_compile() {
    _cmake_run emake ${CMAKE_SRC_COMPILE_PARAMS[@]} ${CMAKE_VERBOSE:+VERBOSE=1} "$@"

# Function for testing the package. Automatically detects the build dir. Uses
# default_src_test.
cmake_src_test() {
    _cmake_run default_src_test

# Function for installing the package. Automatically detects the build dir.
# Uses default_src_install.
cmake_src_install() {
    _cmake_run default_src_install

### Functions below this are for internal use only.

# Used by cmake_enable, cmake_have, cmake_want and cmake_with.
_cmake_option() {
    [[ -n ${2} ]] || die "cmake_$(tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]' <<< "${1}") <option flag> [<flag name>]"
    local flag
    if [[ -n ${3} ]]; then
        flag=$(tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]' <<< "${2}")
    echo "-D${1}_${3:-${2}}=$(option ${flag} && echo ON || echo OFF)"

# Used to enter the correct build dir and run a command in
# cmake_src_{compile,test,install}.
_cmake_run() {
    if [[ -d ${ECMAKE_BUILD_DIR} ]]; then
        pushd "${ECMAKE_BUILD_DIR}"
    if [[ -d ${ECMAKE_BUILD_DIR} ]]; then
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