[Exherbo-dev] Latest round of breakages

David Leverton dleverton at exherbo.org
Mon Aug 18 17:24:32 BST 2008

On Monday 18 August 2008 17:11:49 Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
> * Add a line saying master = arbor to metadata/layout.conf to any
> repositories that don't have it already. dleverton already did (all?)
> the ones on git.e.o.

That's "masters", not "master".  As the name implies, you can list more than 
one, if the repository uses exlibs from some other supplemental repository.  
Make sure you list arbor first.  Also, it's not recursive, so if you use 
exlibs from x11 and gnome, you need to list "arbor x11 gnome", despite the 
fact that gnome has x11 as a master.

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