[Exherbo-dev] Games policy

David Leverton dleverton at exherbo.org
Mon Aug 18 10:35:11 BST 2008

Right now, we should obviously be focused on getting a solid basic system 
working, and not worrying about frivolities like games, but anyone who /does/ 
want to do an exheres for a game should follow the policy set by the NetHack 
exheres I just committed to my repository (unless you think you have a better 
idea, in which case you should reply here and get it adopted globally).  The 
important points are:

* No special "games" directories except for /var/lib/games, which is where 
system-wide logs, high-scores, saved games, etc go.  That means 
no /usr/games, no /usr/share/games, no /etc/games and no /var/games.

* /var/lib/games and any subdirectories should be setgid 
games.  /var/lib/games and its contents should be writable by the games 
group.  Any subdirectories containing saved games should /not/ be accessible 
to ordinary users, because allowing people to read them would let them cheat, 
by finding information that isn't revealed by the game itself.  And yes, we 
do want to prevent cheating if the game has a system-wide high-score list.

* Any game that needs to write to /var/lib/games should be setgid games.  
Users should /not/ need any special permissions just to play games.

* Be careful not to wipe out high-scores etc when reinstalling or uninstalling 
the package.  See the horrid hack in the NetHack exheres - we really need a 
better solution, but that works for now.

Maybe we should have a game.exlib that handles/enforces some of this stuff 
automatically, but that can come later.

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