[Exherbo-dev] DEFAULT_SRC_CONFIGURE_* need to be arrays now

David Leverton dleverton at exherbo.org
Mon Aug 11 20:06:52 BST 2008

2008/8/10 David Leverton <dleverton at exherbo.org>:
> A similar change for the other DEFAULT_* variables may or may not
> follow in future.

I'm just about to do this for DEFAULT_SRC_{COMPILE,INSTALL}_*
(DEFAULT_SRC_PREPARE_PATCHES already has to be an array).  This means
you won't be able to use wildcards in DEFAULT_SRC_INSTALL_EXTRA_DOCS
anymore, but oh well, just do something like

src_install() {
    dodoc *.txt

It's more important to have predictable quoting behaviour.

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