[Exherbo-dev] 'X' option flag

Bernd Steinhauser exherbo at bernd-steinhauser.de
Sat Aug 9 01:16:27 BST 2008

Markus Rothe schrieb:
> Bernd Steinhauser wrote:
>> For guis, I would introduce the "gui" option, in cases, being more specific, 
>> would help, too.
> How about using the "qt", "gtk" etc. options to indicate that a gui is being
> built? I like having some kind of information which toolkit the package uses
> before installing it.
> The X(org) option could indicate that a package builds some kind of 'generic'
> support for X.

We had a small talk about that stuff like this and one of the 
suggestions was to use suboptions. This means, that "gui" has suboptions 
like gtk, ncurses, qt3, qt4 or whatever you can come up with. There 
could be suboptions generic_cli and generic_xorg, too.

The problem with this is, that a program might not allow all guis to be 
For example, a program, that has an optional gui for ncurses, gtk and 
qt3 might allow building ncurses+gtk, but not gtk+qt3, for whatever reason.

That could be solved by making it possible to specify relations between 
them. (Which is basically the same as option restrictions for normal 
options, meaning, that foo1 of a package might need a specific status of 
option foo2 of the same package.)


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