[Exherbo-dev] More metadata

Ciaran McCreesh ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 3 00:44:15 BST 2008

Since we can't think of any particular reason not to stick more
metadata in exhereses (and use per-package exlibs to avoid duplication)
rather than introducing a new metadata.xml-style file...

What keys do we want, and what is their format? I'd say something

    joe at exherbo.org
    fred at exherbo.org [[ comment = [ if it's gnome related ] ]]"

REMOTE_IDS="freshmeat:paludis vim:123"

UPSTREAM_CHANGELOG="http://blah/changelog.txt [[ lang = en ]]"

UPSTREAM_RELEASE_NOTES="http://blah/1.23.txt [[ lang = en ]]"

    http://blah/doc/en/ [[ lang = en ]]
    http://blah/doc/fr/ [[ lang = fr ]]"


Ciaran McCreesh
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