[Exherbo-dev] Open Source Days - October 2008

Alexander Færøy eroyf at exherbo.org
Sat Dec 22 22:15:47 GMT 2007


The biggest Scandinavian Open Source conference has changed name from
Linuxforum to Open Source Days. Usually LinuxForum was held during the
last weekend of February, the weekend after FOSDEM, which made that
period quite stressful, but this year it is going to be held in October
(Rumours says the 3'rd and 4'th, but that might change).

Hopefully at that time we have something interesting to to show the
world, and Bryan and I have talked about requesting a booth for the
usergroup area, like we had for Gentoo last year.

We know we are out early, but do you think you would be able to come and
visit us here in Denmark around October? :D

Both Peter (asphyxia), Bryan (kloeri), Stefan (DerCorny) and I lives
here in Copenhagen and I think that all of us are going to be present at
the conference, but we could arrange some social stuff as well, if more
people would like to show up.

Best Regards,

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