[Exherbo-dev] [RFC] metadata/layout.conf

Mike Kelly pioto at pioto.org
Mon Dec 10 20:19:10 GMT 2007

Tools like qualudis, reprehendo, instruo, etc (basically, anything
using a NoConfigEnvironment) currently are a major hassle to get
working with a non-traditional layout / non-ebuild EAPI.

My proposal is that all exheres (and possibly any future) layouts we
design have a file named metadata/layout.conf which, at the very least,
would define the name of the layout used in this repo. It may be
sensible for it to specify other things, like the EAPI used in the
repo, but I'm not as sure as to the value of that.

So, at the least, the file should contain:


but, it could also be formatted as such:

  layout = exheres
  default_eapi = exheres-0

If this file is not present, the package manager should assume the
"traditional" layout. Hopefully, adding this extra metadata to
repositories will allow tools to require less hackery of the
PALUDIS_DISTRIBUTION sort. Hopefully this will also make it easier for
people to have exheres overlays without lots of extra configuration
variables in their repo.conf.

Mike Kelly
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