[Exherbo-dev] Subversion repositories

Alexander Færøy eroyf at eroyf.org
Sun Aug 5 19:04:57 BST 2007


We have finally moved away from the "Goatoo" repository, and have added
all our stuff to our new subversion box (svn.exherbo.org).

People who needs access still needs to poke us in the channel about it
and read my email from a few days ago.

We have added the following repositories:
arbor (svn+ssh://svn.exherbo.org/arbor)     - Packages tree.
exherbo (svn+ssh://svn.exherbo.org/exherbo) - Misc stuff, docs, etc.

You still need to poke me on IRC and email me your ssh2 dsa key to get

If you a new repository let us know :)


Alexander Færøy
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