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--- Comment #1 from Alex Elsayed <eternaleye at gmail.com> ---
The problem is that libstdc++ (which GCC uses, and which ships with GCC) does
not yet guarantee ABI stability between versions.

>From https://lwn.net/Articles/552831/ :

If you use C++11 then in general you can combine C++11 code built with GCC 4.X
and C++03 code built with any GCC, but there is not the same guarantee that you
can combine with C++11 code built with GCC 4.Y or GCC 4.Z, because the C++11
features are not all stable yet (e.g. for GCC 4.9 I'm about to add a new
virtual function to a base class in <future>.) This is why C++11 support is
still labelled "experimental", because it would be worse to claim it's stable
and then have to break the ABI.

In other words, if we build LLVM in C++11 mode, on GCC upgrades it (and
anything that links to it) may fail at runtime and require rebuilding both LLVM
and its dependents.

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