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--- Comment #1 from Ingmar Vanhassel <ingmar at exherbo.org>  2009-09-29 15:02:11 ---
Submitting a new package is a great way to introduce yourself. Welcome!

Can you submit a patch to kde.git instead of an exheres? See
http://www.exherbo.org/docs/contributing.html for help.

A few comments:
- You don't have to use :* for packages that aren't slotted
- Why don't you use mirror://sourceforge/ ?
- Remove empty directories in src_install(), and remove an explicit list,
rather than all directories. Some directories may need to be kept (keepdir), so
running rmdir on an explicit list ensures that those cases get handled, rather
than blindly removed.
- Does this cmake buildsystem have no options at all that need to be handled?
Not even aspell?


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