[Bugs] [Bug 174] dev-libs/icu fails to compile with gcc 4.4

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Tue May 5 21:02:59 BST 2009


Ingmar Vanhassel <ingmar at exherbo.org> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Ingmar Vanhassel <ingmar at exherbo.org>  2009-05-05 20:02:59 ---
Fixed, netcraft confirms

22:02:10 < CIA-22> Exherbo: ingmar master * r4e9b6fe2c61e
arbor.git/packages/dev-libs/icu/ (files/icu-3.8.1-bare-elif.patch
icu-3.8.1.exheres-0): Add patch from Fedora to build with GCC 4.4.0. Fixes:174 

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