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--- Comment #8 from Robert Piasek <robert.piasek at member.fsf.org>  2008-10-23 19:55:53 ---
It's been a while since this bug was update for the last time.

Since that time I've:
1) bumped revision
2) updated dependencies
3) added all VPN plugins (pptp, vpnc, openvpn - worth moving openvpn from
net-misc to net-vpn?)
4) written most required dependencies (vpnc, policykit)

I also have knetworkmanager exheres (and required deps), but can't really test
if without kdelib3 (When adding PackageDepSpec 'fixme/jasper'). Is it actually
worting having, as kde-4.2 will include native (via solid and plasmoid) support
for networkmanager?

Hopefully networkmanager0.7 should be released at any time soon.

If you find a moment, please take a look and let me know what else should be

NM exheres is currently using --with-distro=gentoo hardcoded, as native plugin
for exherbo hasn't been written and supplied to NM mailing list. I didn't want
to start writing it at this stage (as exherbo is under heavy development and
everything might change) and without your approval.

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