[paludis-user] perl upgrade completely breaks things

Marc Duponcheel marc at offline.be
Sun Jun 17 11:21:05 UTC 2012

 Thanks all

 I guess portage became sane bacause now, as opposed to a few days
ago, I can proceed.

 Reinstalling perl virtuals did indeed help to et rid of

 Sorry for all the noise

 Have a nice day

On 2012 Jun 16, # Patrik Gornicz wrote:
> Hello,
> I had similar issues with respect to perl while using paludis a few weeks
> ago. I resolved them by reinstalling all the virtual/perl-* packages.
> I think the issues have to due with 'minor' changes to ebuilds that the
> maintainers feel don't require a reinstall; however, the reinstall is
> needed to keep paludis happy due to stricter dependency checking (or
> something like that).
> I got a list of all my installed virtual perl packages by doing the below
> (perhaps there's a better way to do this?).
>   cave print-packages -c virtual -r installed | grep perl
> Anyhow, if you're happy with that list try the following.
>   cave resolve `cave print-packages -c virtual -r installed | grep perl`
> And see where that gets you. For me my system went back into a sane state
> and I could upgrade as usual.
> As for a 'fix' to paludis to prevent this sort of thing. Perhaps paludis
> should compare the ebuild stored in the installed repository to that of
> the one being considered for installation. If they differ perhaps it
> should suggest a reinstall of the package or something along that line ...
> Hope that helps.
> Patrik

 Marc Duponcheel
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