[paludis-user] perl upgrade completely breaks things

Patrik Gornicz patrik-paludis at mail.pgornicz.com
Sun Jun 17 03:03:44 UTC 2012


I had similar issues with respect to perl while using paludis a few weeks
ago. I resolved them by reinstalling all the virtual/perl-* packages.

I think the issues have to due with 'minor' changes to ebuilds that the
maintainers feel don't require a reinstall; however, the reinstall is
needed to keep paludis happy due to stricter dependency checking (or
something like that).

I got a list of all my installed virtual perl packages by doing the below
(perhaps there's a better way to do this?).

  cave print-packages -c virtual -r installed | grep perl

Anyhow, if you're happy with that list try the following.

  cave resolve `cave print-packages -c virtual -r installed | grep perl`

And see where that gets you. For me my system went back into a sane state
and I could upgrade as usual.

As for a 'fix' to paludis to prevent this sort of thing. Perhaps paludis
should compare the ebuild stored in the installed repository to that of
the one being considered for installation. If they differ perhaps it
should suggest a reinstall of the package or something along that line ...

Hope that helps.


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