[paludis-user] unpaxinate failes to extract environment on some pbins

Andrej Filipcic andrej.filipcic at ijs.si
Mon Jan 31 10:04:29 UTC 2011


In some rare cases (2 pbins out of ~2500), the pbin installation
fails with the unpaxinate error, for example:
unpaxinate env /net/brenta/d0/nfs/gentoo/paludis/packages/amd64.paludis/f9bin--x11-themes--gtk-engines-qtcurve-1.8.5--C.8819.1296463061.758927.C.pax.bz2 /var/tmp/paludis/x11-themes-gtk-engines-
Could not extract 'environment' from '/net/brenta/d0/nfs/gentoo/paludis/packages/amd64.paludis/f9bin--x11-themes--gtk-engines-qtcurve-1.8.5--C.8819.1296463061.758927.C.pax.bz2'

The archive_read_extract call returns ARCHIVE_WARN in this case.

It is not clear to me why, since running the unpaxinate command from shell works fine. The command to install was (paludis 0.58.1, libarchive-2.8.4):

cave resolve -1 x11-themes/gtk-engines-qtcurve --continue-on-failure if-satisfied -zx --via-binary '*/*'

Attached is the log with printenv added to /etc/paludis/bashrc.

USE flags:
app-arch/libarchive (acl bzip2 lzma static-libs zlib kernel_linux)
sys-apps/paludis (bash-completion pbins pink portage python-bindings ruby-bindings search-index vim-syntax visibility xml zsh-completion)


   prof. dr. Andrej Filipcic,   E-mail: Andrej.Filipcic at ijs.si
   Department of Experimental High Energy Physics - F9
   Jozef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, P.o.Box 3000
   SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia
   Tel.: +386-1-477-3674    Fax: +386-1-477-3166
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