[paludis-user] cave purge - failed: pygments-0.9

Alexander SCHMID asnovember at yahoo.de
Tue Jan 4 19:05:41 UTC 2011


A cave report tells me this:

    No longer exists in original repository
    Not used by any package in world/

Ok, i started cave purge -x and get this:

/amd64x2 ~ # cave purge -x
Done: 3307 steps               

These are the actions I will take, in order:

<   dev-python/pygments 0.9::installed
    Reasons: was unused
<   dev-python/pygments 1.3.1:0::installed
    Reasons: was unused
<   media-gfx/fbgrab 1.0:0::installed
    Reasons: was unused

Total: 3 uninstalls

1 of 3: Starting remove for dev-python/pygments-0.9::installed...

Failed remove for dev-python/pygments-0.9::installed

 * Checking whether the GNU info directory needs updating...
 * No updates needed


failed:    uninstall dev-python/pygments-0.9::installed
skipped:   uninstall dev-python/pygments-1.3.1:0::installed
skipped:   uninstall media-gfx/fbgrab-1.0:0::installed

 * No unread news items found

 * Searching for configuration files requiring action...
 * No configuration file updates required
amd64x2 ~ #/

And now, what can I do to uninstall pygments?

Thanks in advance!
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