[paludis-user] Using chroot configurations

Michael Raitza spacefrogg-devel at instandbesetzt.net
Fri Feb 18 13:45:17 UTC 2011


there seems to be some functionality in cave to make configurations that
install packages to a chroot location.

I'm using exherbo not gentoo.

I've tried and fiddled with all the parameters, as well in the
configuration (namely specpath.conf) as on the command-line.

I just don't get the system.

Sometimes cave is complaining about being not properly configured to
install something into / or into the chroot, sometimes the packages just
don't find their dependencies at configure time.

I was successful in writing a configuration that makes cave building
everything in the chroot environment. I was even successful in
installing "some" packages (binutils, linux-headers, sed, findutils)
into the chroot environment.

My question: Is the following possible? Make a directory, let's say
"/chroot", write a configuration for paludis to build everything into
"/chroot" (ideally, even build everything within "/chroot"). How to use
cave then? (for dependences and targets)

2nd question: What is the difference between / the meaning of
'system_root', 'root' in specpath.conf. Reading the sources didn't help

3rd question: Which are the variables recognized by cave during the
install process? Which of them can be tweaked in
<paludis-config>/bashrc? I couldn't find a exhaustive listing online.


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