[paludis-user] Removal of deprecated clients

Petr Kopecký kejpi at centrum.cz
Tue Feb 15 18:29:09 UTC 2011

I use cave for quite long time but sometimes cave explanation of problems is 
so complicated that I have to use paludis to understand what is going on. This 
is the only reason for me to keep paludis.


Dne Friday 04 of February 2011 17:16:36 Ciaran McCreesh napsal(a):
> If anyone thinks the deprecated clients should be kept around after the
> end of this month, now is your chance to make a persuasive argument.
> Go!

Ing. Petr Kopecky
E-mail: kejpi at centrum.cz

OpenDocument is now international standard ISO/IEC 26300. Use OpenOffice!
It's free for everyone :-)

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