[paludis-user] [OT] searching the paludis mailing list archives

Georgi Georgiev chutz at gg3.net
Wed Feb 2 02:46:26 UTC 2011

Quoting Marc Duponcheel at 01/02/2011-02:08:17(+0100):
> PS: Is there a way to search the paludis-user mailing archive on
> http://lists.pioto.org/pipermail/paludis-user/ ?

Since the traffic is quite low you can just download the entire history
and search locally. It's literally 640K. You can even open the results
in your favorite editor and search from there.

# wget -nd -nH -r -l1 -Agz http://lists.pioto.org/pipermail/paludis-user
# zcat *.gz | sed -e '/^From / s/ at /@/' > paludis-user.mbox
# mutt -f paludis-user.mbox

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