[paludis-user] Different use flags

Eduardo Suarez-Santana esuarez at itccanarias.org
Sat Feb 20 12:11:43 UTC 2010

I have boost 1.35.0-r5 installed with python flag. When I try to update
tagpy it needs
However, paludis decides to downgrade it. Does it make sense?


~ # paludis -q boost
* dev-libs/boost
    gentoo:                  1.35.0-r2 1.35.0-r5 {:0} (1.36.0-r1)K
{:1.36} (1.37.0-r1)K {:1.37} (1.39.0)K {:1.39} (1.41.0-r2)K (1.41.0-r3)K
    installed:               1.35.0-r5* {:0}
    Description:             Boost Libraries for C++
    Homepage:                http://www.boost.org/
    License:                 freedist Boost-1.0
    Installed time:          Sat Aug 22 16:50:02 2009
    Use flags:               (-doc) (eselect) (expat) (icu) (-mpi)
(python) (-tools)
    From repositories:       gentoo
    Installed using:         paludis-0.36.1

Key to mask reasons:

* K: keyword

~ # paludis -qD =tagpy-0.94.7
* =dev-python/tagpy-0.94.7
    gentoo:                  0.94.7* {:0}
    Homepage:                http://mathema.tician.de//software/tagpy
    Description:             Python Bindings for TagLib
    Long Description:        TagPy is a Python crust (or a set of Python
bindings) for Scott Wheeler's TagLib. It builds upon Boost.Python, a
wrapper generation library which is part of the Boost set of C++ libraries.
    Herds:                   no-herd
    Maintainers:             sbriesen at gentoo.org
    Use flags:               Build Options: -optional_tests split strip
    Build dependencies:     
            || (
    Run dependencies:       
            || (
    Source URI:             
    Post dependencies:      
    Provided packages:      

~ # paludis -ip tagpy
Building target list...
Building dependency list: ... 3 stepspaludis at 1266667492: [WARNING
dep_list.downgrade] In thread ID '21350':
  ... In program paludis -ip tagpy:
  ... When performing install action from command line:
  ... When executing install task:
  ... When building dependency list:
  ... When adding PackageDepSpec 'dev-python/tagpy':
  ... When adding package 'dev-python/tagpy-0.94.7:0::gentoo':
  ... When adding build dependencies as pre dependencies:
  ... When using already installed package to resolve dependencies:
  ... When adding PackageDepSpec '<dev-libs/boost-1.35.0-r5':
  ... Downgrade to 'dev-libs/boost-1.35.0-r2:0::gentoo' from
'dev-libs/boost-1.35.0-r5:0::installed' forced
 69 steps

These packages will be installed:

* dev-libs/boost [D 1.35.0-r5 -> 1.35.0-r2]
    Reasons: *dev-python/tagpy-0.94.7:0::gentoo
    -debug+ -doc expat icu -mpi -tools (-test)+ build_options:
-optional_tests split strip -trace
* dev-python/tagpy [U 0.94.5 -> 0.94.7] <target>
    build_options: -optional_tests split strip -trace
    146.89 kBytes to download

Total: 2 packages (1 upgrade, 1 downgrade), 146.89 kBytes to download


* debug:           Enable extra debug codepaths, like asserts and extra
output. If you want to get meaningful backtraces see
* test:            Workaround to pull in packages needed to run with
FEATURES=test. Portage-2.1.2 handles this internally, so don't set it in
make.conf/package.use anymore

Checking for possible errors......

 * No unread news items found

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