[paludis-user] Check of what breaks when --uninstalls-may-break is set

rozelak at volny.cz rozelak at volny.cz
Mon Dec 27 14:50:19 UTC 2010

I would like to ask, if there is a way to check what was broken when
--uninstalls-may-break option was applied when uninstalling.

There were many packages listed, when I removed java 1.5 (including
the jdk and jre virtual packages, while version 1.6 was kept) - it
was the only way I was able to find to get 'resolve world' working.
I would like to be sure that nothing breaks, so I am looking for a
command which would check the consistency of my system.

I suppose that fix-linkage will fix the packages linked to the
uninstalled java, but what about other packages depending on
virtual/jre? I expect tha virtual/jdk is required only for build,
isn't it? Also, I expect that packages built under java 1.5 will
work under java 1.6. Correct me, please, if I am wrong.

So, may "forced" uninstall of java break anything which cannot be
fixed by fix-linkage tool? And more importantly, can "forced"
uninstall of a binary package break anything which cannot be
corrected by fix-linkage? And is there a way how to check what was
broken by the "forced" uninstall? Something which would check if the
installed packages have all theirs dependencies installed as well
(if it could work)?

Thank you very much. Kind regards,
Dan T.

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